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Sales Tracking System:

Sales keep your company going. The need to build a more effective and efficient sales organization need not be reiterated. But most sales managers find themselves grappling with time-consuming tasks such as tracking down prospects, customers, quotes, opportunities, handling multiple document versions, faxing hard copies to remote reviewers, e-mailing files, and collecting everyone’s information. Manual sales-processes are tedious, time-consuming and error prone.

CGeTech brings efficiencies to you sales process. CGeTech centralizes all your business opportunities on one platform right from having a lead identified, converting it to a customer, managing via prospect calls, and maintaining key accounts. Each sales lead is tracked in detail for the status and day-to-day follow-ups. CGeTech provides the much required visibility into opportunities and potential customers in the global, regional and country segments to facilitate effective selling. It provides your sales force with a best-in-class SalesTracking System (STS) and Marketing system that would enable implementation of a new global Sales & Marketing process







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