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CGPro10.0 An integrated flexible single platform that will grow with your business.

CG Pro 10.0 is a single, coherent data model that provides true integration of all relevant functionality across all relevant applications and products. All of the datas about all objects is completely customisable form our unified administration panel, ensuring that you store data only relevant to your own business.

Save Time and Money with Sensibly Priced Customisable Off The Shelf Portal Software.

CGPro 10.0 which is very customisable but still off the shelf solution provide great value and fast implementation. It offers the best of both worlds – the products can be installed, configured, populated and launched with no actual programming and so fast implementation with no project risk. However as unique bespoke software requirements are identified CGeTech can be extended by developers, to provide exactly the functionality you require.

Within the portal software environment additional products can be seamlessly added for later phases of the project, only for relevant users and to avoid information overload on launch.

Simple and Easy to Use Corporate Intranet and Extranet Software

CGPro 10.0 intranet software is so simple to use for the end user that no training is required, other than guidance from the business about what the system is for, and what kind of information should be stored there as opposed to in shared drives or on local drives, for example. When the system provides extranet functionality, extending the corporate intranet, partners or suppliers can also experience seamless and efficient access to your extranet information through a login environment that securely protects extranet areas for the relevant companies only.

Corporate Intranet administrators receive training in how to maintain and use the administration panels and configuration files of the system, even this training requires no development at all so that the administrators are the people who really care about the quality of the relevant information with no dependence on IT expertise.




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